Workshop “the naked voice”


* The natural voice: work on expansion of the spoken voice in song
* Physical training, breathing, postural training
* Throat voice, learning overtone singing and false vocal cords voice
* Spontaneous improvisation to codes structured based on your lived sound experience
* Elements of practical acoustics, Pythagorean studies
* Sound in the rite of the feast
* Elements of anthropology with audio and video documents


This type of training can reinforce the elasticity of vocal emission, improve the functioning of the diaphragms and breathing, correct posture, extend the expressive possibilities of the voice exploring sensations and often little known profound emotive states, distend the mandibular arch, relieve disturbances caused by tinnitus and increment the faculty of deep listening put into motion by the cochlea.


The workshop is suitable for professionals and non-professionals of the voice. Singers, actors, teachers and whoever wishes to expand their own vocal limits, and know their own body better.


Massimiliano di Carlo is a polymath artist, multi-instrumentalist, experimenter with the voice and various compositional and improvisational languages, composer, ethnographic researcher, teacher of traditional music and overtone singing at the “Luisa D’Annunzio” conservatoire in Pescara. He creates new music fusing with mastery the ancient codes of orality, academic codes absorbed during his training, and the latest forms of experimentation.

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